Where Creativity Meets Execution

I offer a two-fold expertise: crafting intuitive user experiences and driving projects to successful fruition. From turning a design concept into an engaging interface to managing the intricate stages of a project lifecycle, I am equipped and eager to bring visions to life, seamlessly.

Recent Work

Custom WordPress Theme Development

for a National Sports Training Company

Theme Building
The client intended to launch several websites for various leagues nationwide, highlighting tournaments and pertinent details.
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Incorporating Lottie for a Fresh Look

for a Corporate Site

Art Direction
Lottie Animation
Tasked with rejuvenating a corporate site, the journey embarked upon didn’t just aim at modernizing its look, but transforming its very essence. The mission was clear: maintain simplicity while adding layers of engagement. The answer? Harnessing the power of Lottie animations.
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Landing Page Creation

for a Luxurious Cologne Brand

AI Graphics
Creative & Art Direction
Brand Concept
Web Developing
The luxury cologne and perfume industry is vast and saturated, making it challenging to carve out a distinct niche, especially when the product aims to cater to a specific demographic.
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Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform

for Bizen Ware Ceramics

EC Site
Brand Concept
Creative & Art Direction
Project Managing
Web Developing
UX Designer
The journey of crafting a cross-border e-commerce platform for Bizen Ware ceramics as my entrepreneurial project.
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About Me
I was born and raised in Japan and left my family to study in the US as a teenager. I then worked in New York City for over a decade.

Thanks to my bicultural background, I’m well-positioned to understand and cater to the unique needs of both American and Japanese markets. This diverse expertise allows me to provide a comprehensive approach to technology and design challenges.

My strong work ethic compels me to optimize workflows and manage information effectively.

I’ve since returned to Japan, settling in the countryside where I’m surrounded by majestic mountains and serene rice fields, all while crafting innovative design solutions :)


© Emi Mimura.
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