Custom WordPress Theme Development

for a National Sports Training Company


The client, a renowned national sports training company, previously had a prototype for their web platform. They aimed to effectively roll out multiple websites dedicated to different leagues across the country, showcasing tournaments and relevant information. The prototype presented a blueprint, but it also illuminated certain complexities and desired flexibilities in their design. The main challenge was selecting an adaptable platform that not only incorporated these intricacies but also empowered the client to replicate the theme and perform customization with ease.


Front-End Developer


  • Create a consistent and unified digital presence across multiple league websites while respecting each league’s unique identity.
  • Equip the client with a platform that’s easy to clone and customize for individual leagues without requiring extensive technical know-how.
  • Design a user interface that caters to sports enthusiasts, players, and organizers, ensuring easy access to tournament information, schedules, and other vital details.

Development Decisions

After assessing various platforms and considering the client’s specific requirements, we decided to use Oxygen Builder for WordPress and incorporate it in Gutenberg. Oxygen Builder was great for its extensive flexibility, allowing for the design and structural complexities the client desired.

By making this strategic development decision and focusing on the core objectives, we successfully rolled out a theme that stands as a testament to the synergy of robust web development and intuitive design.
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