Incorporating Lottie for a Fresh Look

for a Corporate Site


The corporate website previously leaned towards a minimalistic content approach. The main hurdle was crafting a design that not only enlivened the site's appearance but also engaged users with their essential content selection.


Art Director; Front-End Developer


  • Revitalize the website's design to make it more engaging and modern.
  • Ensure the limited content was presented in a compelling manner to retain user interest.

Development Decisions

To achieve the objectives and overcome the primary challenge, I turned to Lottie animations for the following reasons:
  • They ensure faster load times and better website performance.
  • They maintain their quality regardless of screen size, making them perfect for responsive web design.
  • They are widely supported across different devices and platforms.
Rather than starting from scratch, we leveraged and customized existing Lottie files to match the brand's aesthetics and tone. This strategy allowed for a dynamic user experience without overwhelming the site with additional content. By integrating these animations, we achieved a harmonious balance between simplicity and engagement, resulting in a site that not only looked fresh and lively but also echoed the desired brand voice.
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